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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Joining the Corps

What happens if I confirm my offer and change my mind?

When you confirm your offer to join the corps, Teach For America takes that as a good faith commitment that you will teach for two years within your placement school and region. Teach For America then invests money, time, and staffing resources into preparing you as a corps member. Donor funds will provide you with housing, meals, and staff support during summer training, and staff will assist you in enrolling in your certification requirements and securing a teaching position, as well as otherwise supporting you throughout the upcoming year. Should you not fulfill that commitment, those resources will be lost, which could negatively impact our work with students, and you will have taken extraordinary time away from already taxed school districts, credentialing programs, and other community partners.

The commitment to join the corps is one that should be taken seriously, and contemplated deeply. While Teach For America will not pursue legal action against corps members who later decline their offer, it's important to consider the consequences felt by students, schools, and Teach For America staff. That said, in the event that circumstances have changed for you, and you no longer believe you can uphold your commitment, please reach out to your regional contact.

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