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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Ignite Fellowship

How does the Ignite Fellowship operate in different time zones?

Ignite is spread out across all U.S. time zones. During the sign up process, we ask that people pay close attention to the time zone listed and convert to their local time if needed. It is important to know how your time zone aligns with other time zones when going through the sign up process.

Additionally, for fellows placed with a school in Arizona or Hawai'i, or who live in Arizona or Hawai'i, there are special directions when it comes to Daylight Savings time as Arizona and Hawai'i do not participate in Daylight Savings practices. This means that for fellows matched with Arizona or Hawai'i but who are located in a different time zone, or for fellows who live in Arizona or Hawai'i but are matched with a school in another state, there will be a shift in your time part way through the fellowship. Please use an online time zone converter to check specific dates.