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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Classroom and Region Eligibility

How do I enter Advanced Placement (AP) coursework?

You should only enter an AP course if your school gave you credit for it and if the specific subject for which you received credit appears on your transcript. For example, if you passed the AP History exam and your school gave you nine history credits which appear on your transcript, you should enter this AP coursework. If your school just gave you general credit, you should not enter this AP coursework.

To enter AP coursework:

  • Semester: Choose "AP/Pre-College"
  • Year: Select the year for which you received AP credit on your transcript, or if no year is listed, the first year you attended this school
  • Course Name: Enter the name of the AP test or course that you took. This field is not used for assignment, so it's ok if you don't remember the exact name. You can enter any name that helps to describe the nature of this coursework
  • TFA Subject: Enter the subject for which you received credit
  • Credits/Units: Enter the number as it appears on your transcript.

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