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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Classroom and Region Preferences

How are my sub-regional preferences considered?

Sub-regional preferences are only considered after you have been assigned to a region. If you place a region with sub-regions in your strongly prefer category, you should be excited about teaching in any of the sub-regions there. By ranking the individual sub-regions, you are giving the regional team input about where you would like to teach within their region.

For example, if you select Hawai'i as a strongly preferred region, and then Hawai'i Island as your #1 sub-region and O'ahu is your #2 sub-region, our Assignment Team will only look at the fact that you ranked Hawai'i as strongly preferred overall, and that is what we will use to determine your regional placement. The Hawai'i regional team will then consider your preference for Hawai'i Island over O'ahu when determining your sub-regional placement.

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