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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Transcripts

Do I need to provide an official transcript for my associate's degree/community college courses?

No. Teach For America does not require an official transcript and can accept a verification of coursework that is an unofficial transcript. You must share a verification of coursework for all completed coursework. The document or screenshot you share must include your name, courses, credits, grades, and cumulative GPA. This includes coursework you completed while pursuing your associate's degree or at a community college.


However, if the coursework, credits, and grades from your associate's degree/community college appear as transfer coursework on the transcript from your bachelor's degree-granting institution then we do not require a separate transcript for your associate's/community college coursework. Keep in mind grades listed as "T" or "transfer" do not meet our requirements.


If your degree-granting institution only shows grades of "T" or "transfer", you will need to obtain your transcript from the original school. If the course names, grades, and credits earned for your community college do not all appear on your transcript from your degree-granting institution, you'll need to re-complete the Transcript Setup indicating this. A new transcript link and form to input coursework information will then be generated for both your degree-granting institution and your community college.

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