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Black Community Alliances

The Black Community Alliance is Teach For America’s national network of Black staff, alumni, corps members, external partners, and our allies who actively re-imagine and pursue the conditions necessary to create an equitable educational landscape for Black students, parents, communities, educators, practitioners, and advocates.
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About Black Community Alliances


The mission of The Black Community Alliances is to support and strengthen Black educators, students, parents, and communities. In pursuit of this mission, we develop and cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with external organizations that share our commitment to the Black community. Through these partnerships, we advocate for and provide tangible supports to facilitate recruitment and retention of Black educators and the creation of school environments and policies that are safe and equitable for Black students and all students.

The Decision to Use “Black”

Our decision to use “Black” instead of “African American” is to ensure the geographical and cultural inclusivity of everyone within the African diaspora. We hope to highlight that African Americans are one of many variations within a larger global community of individuals who have a shared ancestry yet diverse cultures, customs, and languages.

In The Classroom

Teachers who share the backgrounds of their students do more than just teach their students the possibilities—they show them. We work in solidarity with the Black community to dramatically increase the number of Black men and women who choose teaching as a career. Today, we are one of the largest contributors of teachers of color in the nation.

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“Educational inequity was something that I was noticing, starting as early as 6th grade, and this deep-seated discomfort started to grow within me. I ultimately think that's what brought me here.”

Jenn Jeffers

Lead Teacher, Conexiones Concordia Parish

Greater New Orleans Corps Member 2010

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The Black Educators Promise Initiative

In 2020, TFA launched the Black Educators Promise Initiative, funded by Ballmer group, which is a $10 million/5 year project to increase recruitment and retention of Black educators. The Black Educators Promise Initiative (BEP) is designed to increase TFA’s and the sector’s understanding of what resources are needed, and when, to best support Black teachers and increase the number of Black educators in the field. 

Our BEP Grants and financial supports are offered as a means to alleviate financial barriers that often deter Black educators from entering and remaining in the classroom such as relocation cost, exam fees, certifications, and teacher training, etc. 

Recruitment Programs

Incoming Corps Member Grant

We reached out to our Black participants and asked what financial amount would make a meaningful difference to ease their transition into the classroom. The answer was $600. That is how the BEP Incoming Corps Member Grant was born, making it possible for every Black incoming corps member from 2020 - 2022 to receive a $600 grant to help with their transition into the classroom. 

Certification & Testing Support

We targeted 10 regions with especially high certification costs and/or high percentages of Black corps members, and provide additional funds to support Black corps members with certification. Supports include, but are not limited to, paying/reimbursing for testing, supplying study materials, and paying outstanding fees to release corps member transcripts necessary for certification. 

Retention Programs

The Black Educators Promise Initiative invests in retaining Black educators teaching in our network beyond their two-year commitment and into a 3rd and 4th year. 

3rd Year Teaching Grant 

The BEP Alumni Grant is a $1000 award to 2nd-year corps members who commit to teaching a 3rd year in a predominantly low-income school.

Alumni Fellowship 

BCA launched the Black Educators Promise Alumni Fellowship for 4th & 5th year educators  in the summer of 2021 to provide professional development and 1-1 coaching. The BEP Fellowship is made possible through partnership with The Children’s Defense Fund and Profound Ladies who provide professional development, coaching & cohort support for our Fellows. The Fellowship is currently available to all Black TFA alumni who teach in our 22 Eastern districts. 

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Our Community Partners

We are intentional about partnering with organizations and community influencers that align to our mission. Together with our partners, we work hand-in-hand to strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence. To become a community partner of BCA, email Tamila Gresham, Senior Managing Director, Black Community Alliances.

The Alliance's Community Partners

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The Alliance's Teacher Recruitment Partners

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Stories and Media

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