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Benefits Benefits

Learn more about the program benefits offered to incoming TFA corps members.

1. Training & Support

Our teacher support and leadership development program will play a pivotal role in your leadership journey. First, as an incoming corps member you will attend five phases of pre-service through the summer extending into your first 90 days teaching in the fall. Here you will gain immediate experience in a classroom focusing on foundational teaching skills, personal identity development, and leadership. You will gain experience leading a classroom, all while being grounded in TFA's commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness. Over the next two years, you’ll receive ongoing professional development and coaching, which looks a little different in every region. Our goal is to help you have a profound impact on your students, while also supporting your personal leadership development.

2. Salary & Benefits

Corps members are employees of the school district they teach in, and therefore receive the same full-time salary and benefits package as any other beginning teacher once the school year begins. In order to support corps members before that first paycheck, TFA has a few structures in place. Corps members can apply for transitional funding packages to help as they get settled. Additionally, we apply for and receive AmeriCorps federal funding each year, which is given to all corps members who have not previously completed an AmeriCorps program. It can be used for past, present or future public loans.

On top of the financial support mentioned above, Teach For America also partners with top employers and graduate schools across the country; this benefit allows for our corps members to build on their leadership and impact after the corps, while continuing to grow their network and advocate for their students.

3. Placement

Our corps members teach grades pre-K through 12 in one of 50 regions across the United States. It is our goal is to support you in choosing a region, grade, and subject you’re most interested in and where you’ll have the greatest impact on students. BUT, you are the driver in these decisions. Before and after your interview, you have complete access to resources needed to make the most informed decisions about your location, subject, grade level.