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Teach For America corps members are assigned to teach a subject in grades pre-K through 12 in one of 51 regions across the country.

After your TFA interview, you’ll have the opportunity to rank the regions where you prefer to teach. Corps members teach in 51 regions across the country, each with a unique opportunity for impact.

We know that landing in a region that matches your priorities is incredibly important. Our placement process is designed to assign you to the region you’re most interested in as often as possible.

You’ll be notified of your admissions decision and, if admitted, your regional and subject placement approximately two weeks after interviewing.

How Placement Works

Learn how Teach For America decides where each corps member will be placed and what subject and grade level they will teach.


Applicants in 2018 placed in one of their top three regional choices


Applicants, on average, assigned to one of their most preferred regions

Determining Your Placement

Three key factors are taken into consideration when determining your placement:

1. Need and Opportunity

We aim to place you where you can have the best possible impact on student outcomes. We also have regions of focus that have a higher demand for TFA corps members, designated as “high priority regions.”

2. Qualification Requirements

The courses you took in college will be used to determine your certification and eligibility for your preferred regions. Each region has its own set of requirements. Read more about certification and earning a license.

3. Your Personal Preference

After attending your interview, you’ll choose and rank your preferred regions. Read more about the five steps to selecting your preferences below.

After attending your interview, you’ll choose and rank your preferred regions.

Five Steps to Selecting Your Preferences

Still not sure where you would like to work or what you would prefer to teach? Meet a recruiter to receive support as you go through the admissions process and decide on your rankings.

Redefine Opportunities

Apply to teach in the 2020 Teach For America corps to expand opportunities for your students and gain invaluable experience yourself.