Snapshot of Salary and Additional Benefits

  • Salary ranging from $24,000 to $51,000
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • AmeriCorps benefits may be available, including federal loan forbearance, interest accrual payments, and education awards.  In the past, AmeriCorps benefits have been available to nearly all corps members.  However, given uncertainty around AmeriCorps funding and the nature of the AmeriCorps competitive grant process, we cannot guarantee these benefits for all TFA corps members.  In the event of a shortfall, we will prioritize allocation of AmeriCorps benefits to those who have qualified federal or state student loans or who teach in a region with the highest certification costs. Additionally, corps members must meet citizenship and service term requirements to be eligible for AmeriCorps membership and subsequent access to AmeriCorps benefits.  Per regulations, the AmeriCorps education award and interest accrual payments are considered to be taxable income for the year they are used.
  • No-interest loans or grants for relocation and transition based on individual need and the cost of transitioning to a particular region 


Details on Compensation

As a corps member, you will be a full-time teacher and receive a full salary and the same comprehensive health benefits as other beginning teachers in your school district. Depending on regional assignment, corps members receive their first paycheck between late August and late September.

While we do our best to ensure that joining Teach For America is financially feasible for everyone, we also recognize that personal finances can vary widely from person to person.  Use the following tools to learn more about the compensations and costs of being a Teach For America corps member.  

  • Each of our 50 Teach For America regions has its own unique set of circumstances with regard to cost-of-living and cost of ongoing certification. Income and expenses can also differ greatly from region to region. Use the regional cost calculator on each of our regional pages to get a financial snapshot of living and teaching in each region.

Additional benefits, such as need-based funding for relocation, testing and start-up costs may be available to help ease your transition and support your financial stability as a corps member.

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Regional Cost Calculator

Use the cost calculator on each of our regional pages to see how your income and expenses could vary by region.

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Regional Comparison Spreadsheet

Compare costs across our 50 regions. 

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As a first generation American, it was important to my family that I find financial stability.
Michael Drawbaugh
South Dakota Corps 2010
I am a teacher - not a student teacher, not a volunteer worker or a tutor - but a teacher.
Liz Moody
Greater Philadelphia Corps 2009