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A group of Washington students in class.

Teach For America is disrupting systemic educational inequity in Washington state through four strategic priorities.

Our History

Since 2011, Teach For America has been relentlessly fighting for educational equity in Washington state. Our region has one of the fastest growing economies in the U.S., and an educational system with elements that are truly world class. At the same time, it remains a deceptively beautiful state. While potential is evenly distributed across lines of race and class, access to opportunity is not, and is particularly limited for students of color and those growing up in poverty-impacted communities.

Building on Accomplishments

As these realities have become clearer at the federal and state level, many efforts have been made to improve educational outcomes for students. The hard work of broad and diverse coalitions throughout the state has garnered a number of successful results, including the adoption the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the Smarter Balanced Assessments. Building upon these accomplishments, Teach For America has continued to help drive systemic change in Washington through our diverse talent pipeline.


Alumni living in the Washington region


Of alumni in Washington are working in education


of alumni in education are leading Washington schools and districts as principals, assistant principals, administrators, or deans


Current Washington corps members

Alumni Impact

Over the last five years, we have recruited, selected, and trained more than 125 new teachers. Our alumni network has grown from an initial base of 200 to more than 1,000 today. Three hundred and thirty of our alums are teaching, while another 30 serve as principals, assistant principals, and district leaders. Sixty-seven percent are in education-related fields and many are playing an active role in the fight for equity across sectors such as law, business, and philanthropy. And while the collective effort of our community members, teachers, school leaders, and alumni has been significant, our work is far from over. If we accept the notion that educational equity is a critical ticket to social mobility, we have some heavy lifting to do.

Our Vision

We don’t just strive to make a difference in our state’s educational landscape. Our mission is to transform it. Our vision going forward is one day, all children in Washington will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education through four strategic priorities:

1. Find, develop, place, and support diverse talent for Washington, specifically in education.

2. Develop and grow the culturally competent and equity focused leadership of our network.

3. Foster a community of belonging, commitment, accountability, and care at all levels of our system.

4. Convene our communities to transform the current systems to realize One Washington.

“When I think about my students, I always think about how much they hold—knowledge, joy, trauma, curiosity, love, fear, energy—at such a young age. ”

Fin Hardy

Washington Corps Member 2016

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