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LA Alumni

Teach For America Los Angeles has one of the largest and most diverse alumni networks; together they are changing the educational landscape for students in the region.  

Our Alumni Network

Informed and inspired by their students, many Teach For America Los Angeles alumni continue to teach in high-need schools and communities beyond their initial two-year commitment. Our diverse community of teachers, school and systems leaders, social entrepreneurs, CEOs, organizers, and public officials remain committed in their pursuit of educational equity for all children. 


Our Vision

Our Alumni work towards the collective impact of our region. We foster a culture of support and ownership towards educational equity, developing connection and community. Alumni will be able to access opportunities and draw connections to career and leadership development that will "provide them skills and access to catalyze our coalition of alumni into action, allowing us to actualize educational equity.” Through a clear vision and direction, our Alumni will thrive and catalyze into action.

Our Alumni Network

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Teachers working in the classroom in LA


Alumni working as system or school leaders (Principals, school directors, assistant principals, and deans)


Alumni working as system or school leaders (Principals, school directors, assistant principals, and deans)

Connect with Fellow Alumni

Teach For America Los Angeles knows that together we can accomplish so much more. In an effort to help strengthen connections across our alumni network, we’ve developed several ways to build community and share knowledge.


Alumni Programing - Awards & Fellowships

Invest in your leadership and professional growth with these opportunities from Teach For America, and get involved locally through our regional opportunities outlined below. 


Alumni Communications

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Connect with our Team

Yvette Meza-Vega - Director, Alumni Strategy and Engagement



Cristian Ruiz - Managing Director, Alumni Strategy and Engagement




Kelsey Gilliland - Director, Alumni Strategy and Engagement



Hear From Our Alumni

Kelly Gonez, TFA LA '11, Board of Education President for Los Angeles Unified School District

“The Black and brown students we serve cannot thrive in a system built to undermine their promise. As a board we must lead with equity in mind and confront the racist vestiges in our public schools...that means in every board decision prioritizing our most historically underserved students.”



Che Caruthers, TFA LA '17

“One of my favorite moments would have to be when a student wrote me a letter at the end of the school year about how he feels more comfortable about himself as a gay teenager, thanks to me being a person who can be openly gay. I still have the letter and it reminds me why I decided to be a teacher. TFA’s continuing impact will be that there are folks who want to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”



Dr. Jessica T. Boro, TFA LA '02

“Because of TFA, I obtained my first school leadership role out of the classroom. TFA/LA alumni support structures are unwavering. The opportunity to co-lead with Hrag Hamalian, 2005 Los Angeles corps, as Valor Academy Charter School’s Director of Curriculum & Instruction solidified my legacy of leadership in Los Angeles. As a result of this leadership role I gained more than professional experience; I developed new friendships and together we established a school that has transformed an entire community!”