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TFA Alumni participating in an event

As a Teach For America alum, you’re part of a network of nearly 62,000 people living in communities across the United States and abroad. Your voices and perspectives vary, but we all work together in pursuit of educational equity.

A Rich, Diverse Community

TFA alumni represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. But as lifelong colleagues, partners, and friends, they’re connected across generations and communities to our shared mission.

Alumni lead and serve in many different ways—as teachers, principals, district leaders, and policymakers. Some are in the private sector, some hold elected office. They’re leaders in virtually every field. Personally and collectively, alumni work as lifelong advocates for better educational opportunities and outcomes for kids.

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Alumni size in 2019

A Force for Change

Across professional sectors and geography, alumni fight for the aspirations of students and their families. Read more about the remarkable work of the TFA alumni network.

  • Leading Classrooms

    The decision to join Teach For America has led thousands of leaders to find their purpose in teaching. A growing number of veteran TFA educators are having a transformative impact in their classrooms. This includes:

    • 1 National Teacher of the Year
    • 30+ State Teachers of the Year
    • 210+ District Teachers of the Year
    • 840+ School Teachers of the Year
  • Leading Schools

    Approximately 4,700 alumni are currently leading schools as principals, assistant principals, directors, and deans.

    Many alumni-led schools are transformational for their students. TFA alumni also lead school districts and have launched some of the highest-performing charter school networks in the country, including the KIPP network and YES Prep.

  • Launching Social Enterprises

    Alumni are founding and leading social ventures and organizations with children and families at the center, fueling change in classrooms, schools, and beyond.

    In the past five years, 42 TFA alumni have been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. Of these winners, half identify as persons of color or from a low-income background. A 2011 Harvard study found that more founders and top leaders of entrepreneurial education organizations started their careers at TFA than anywhere else.

  • Shaping Public Policy

    Thousands of alumni are deeply engaged in policy, advocacy, organizing, and politics, including 280 serving in elected office. Many corps members and alumni join Leadership for Educational Equity, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to supporting TFA corps members and alumni to change laws they believe are impediments to educational excellence and equity for all kids.

The Collective

The Collective is Teach For America’s association for alumni who identify as Indigenous or people of color. Members can strengthen their professional and personal networks and accelerate their leadership abilities.

Today, there are 40 regional chapters and more than 13,000 members. Learn more about The Collective.