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Meet the Teach For America New York team

Teach For America New Jersey Executive Director Tia Morris

Tia Morris

New York '98

Executive Director

Teach For America New York

Since starting her career here in NYC as a 1998 corps member, Tia has dedicated more than two decades to improving educational opportunities for young people. The former Executive Director for Teach For America New Jersey considers herself a warrior for social justice, and began leading the New York region in June 2020.

Office of the Executive Director

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Early

Managing Director, Data & Research

Melissa Lootens

Director, Marketing & Communications

Marissa Connelly

Director, Talent Strategy

Mariu Andrade

Director, Regional Operations

Lee Lewis

Manager, Special Projects

Lauren Voelker

Alumni & Community Affairs

Senior Managing Director, Alumni & Community Affairs

Imani Hope

Director, Community Partnerships

Bianca Cabrera

Director, Alumni Impact

Charles Youn

Director, Learning & Development

Shynise Stiff

Manager, Early Alumni Leadership

Joshua Tempro

Coordinator, Alumni & Community Affairs

Charlotte Bleemer

Tri-State Development Hub

Vice President

Alaina Lynch

Programs Team

Vice President, Programs

Priscilla Forsyth

Senior Managing Director, Program Design & Implementation

Julia Guez

Managing Director, Program Design & Implementation

Aarti Marajh

Managing Director, Program Design & Implementation

Margaux Zanelli-Lampariello

Managing Director, Program Design & Implementation

Myra Gupta

Managing Director, Program Participant Operations

Hannah Haas

Managing Director, Program Team Operations

Karin Oxford

Director, Program Design & Implementation

Kelly Lisy

Director, Program Team Operations

Lucy Schwartz

Director, Corps Operations

Brian Sobotko

Director, Corps Member Hiring

Rachelle Ozuna

Director, Programs

Alex Amaya

Director, Programs

Nisha Acharya

Director, Programs

Kierra Bussey

Director, Programs

Mirelle Eid

Director, Programs

Faith Gibbs

Director, Programs

Melissa Haley

Director, Programs

Julia Lamberti

Director, Programs

Jiyoung Park

Director, Programs

Claire Price

Director, Programs

Dan Reiss

Director, Programs

Eric Reyes

Director, Programs

Yeimmy Torrez

Director, Programs

Michelle Turnbull

Director, Programs

Merlin Valdez

Manager, Program Team Operations

Victoria Senter

Manager, Corps Operations

Keun-woo Lee

Coordinator, Corps Member Hiring

Brandon Acevedo

Coordinator, Corps Operations

Emilee McGilligan

Coordinator, Program Team Operations

Abby Shepherd