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LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

Executive Director

Teach For America Florida Regions

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer has 20 years of experience in education, serving as a champion for principals, teachers, and students. She has spent the last nine years on the Teach For America team, becoming the Executive Director of Teach For America Jacksonville in June 2019, expanding her leadership to Central Florida in 2020, and finally becoming the leader for all Florida Regions in June 2021.

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Meet Our Staff

Executive Director

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

Senior Managing Director, Statewide Development

Deanna Froeber

Managing Director, Statewide Development

Matthew Minnick

Managing Director, External Affairs

Von Johnson

Director, Statewide Communications & Marketing

Courtney Salazar

Manager, Statewide External Affairs

Frances Nevill

Senior Managing Director, Program Continuum

Megan Harley

Director, Statewide Matriculation & Onboarding

Xavier Suarez

Managing Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Gerthy Eugene

Managing Director, Statewide Teacher Training & Systems Impact

rj williams

Director, Alumni Strategic Initiatives

Justin Pinn

Director, Alumni Strategic Initiatives

Antonela Cesar

Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Tony DelaRosa

Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Marques Harris

Director, Teacher Training & Systems Impact

Angel Arroyo

Senior Managing Director, Statewide Strategy, Talent, & Operations

Ryan Kyrola

Director, Strategy & Operations

Brittany Addams

Manager, Talent, Operations & Assistant to the Executive Director

Heather Ryan

Senior Associate, Operations

Koray Comert

Manager, Americorps, Data & Impact

Emily Mayeda

Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Matt Boerner

Director, Statewide Corporate and Foundation Relations

Nina Buenavista

Director, Donor Relationships & Partnerships

Vanessa Nicholson