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Our Team

Meet the Teach For America Miami-Dade Team.

Local Leadership

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

Executive Director

Teach For America Florida Regions

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer leads Teach For America's efforts as the Statewide Executive Director of Teach For America regions in Florida. With 22 years of experience in education, she serves as a champion for principals, teachers, and students. She has spent the last 11 years at Teach For America, serving as the Executive Director of Jacksonville, Central Florida, and Miami-Dade following five years leading Jacksonville’s programmatic efforts.

Meet Our Staff

Senior Managing Director, Head of Programs & Impact

Gerthy Eugene

Senior Managing Director, Head of Operations & Capabilities

Ryan Kyrola

Managing Director, Teacher Training & Systems Impact

Angel Arroyo

Managing Director, Coalition Building & Strategy

Megan Cole

Director, Statewide Strategic Initiatives

Zahirah Calloway

Director, Alumni Engagement & Impact

Marques Harris

Director, Operations, Talent & Executive Support

Heather Ryan

Director, Marketing & Communications

Courtney Salazar

Senior Managing Director, Leadership Development

Kiara Drummond

Managing Director, Leadership Development

Olivia Allen

Managing Director, Leadership Development - Operations

Matt Boerner

Managing Director, Leadership Development

Nina Rivera

Managing Director, Leadership Development - Operations

Courtney Coffill

Managing Director, Matriculation Generalist

Xavier Suarez

Manager, Operations

Emily Mayeda

Senior Managing Director, Head of Southeast Development Hub

Matt Minnick

Managing Director, Development Operations and Chief of Staff Southeast Development Hub

Allie Pocock

Director, Grants, Southeast Development Hub

Lauren Collens

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