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Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Bay Area '09

Executive Director

Teach For America Las Vegas & Reno

Sean Parker has served as Teach For America Las Vegas’ Executive Director since 2015. He lives and works in Downtown Las Vegas. His life’s work is to improve Las Vegas' education system to serve as an example of educational excellence for our country. Sean believes that a quality education unlocks doors of opportunity for individuals and for the economic wellbeing of our state.

Meet Our Staff

Executive Director

Sean Parker

Senior Managing Director

Courtney Guenard

Senior Associate, Program Communications & Operations

Dan Santos

Manager, Staff Engagement & Operations

Keeghan Alexander

Director, Strategic Innovations

Marcus Howard

Director, Research Insights & Innovation Communication

Rob Jones

Managing Director, Teacher Preparation & Training

Kathy Rudd

Director, Institute Operations

Lindsay Eanes

Director, Rooted in Las Vegas

Amanda Lester

Managing Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Jessica Stanley

Director, Academic Excellence

Katie Krackhardt

Director, Emotional Resilience & Cultural Consciousness

Ayianna Bailey

Manager, Teacher Leadership Development

Sarah Bortmas

Manager, Teacher Leadership Development

Pam Cates-Albert

Manager, Teacher Leadership Development

Lisa Hairston

Manager, Teacher Leadership Development

Kate Kaufman

Manager, Teacher Leadership Development

Ashante' Herring

Managing Director, Alumni Impact

Drake Allsop

Director Alumni Impact

Danielle Batin

Director Systems Change

Doris Guvar

Managing Director Development & External Affairs

Yuritzi Acosta

Director, Corporate & Public Partnerships

Keith J.D. Hightower

Manager, Communication & Development Operations

Ivy Quintero

Director, Individual & Foundation Partnerships

Brittany DuPree