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Meet the Teach For America Las Vegas team.

Local Leadership

Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Bay Area '09

Executive Director

Teach For America Las Vegas & Reno

Sean Parker has served as Teach For America Las Vegas’ Executive Director since 2015. He lives and works in Downtown Las Vegas. His life’s work is to improve Las Vegas' education system to serve as an example of educational excellence for our country. Sean believes that a quality education unlocks doors of opportunity for individuals and for the economic wellbeing of our state.

Meet Our Team

Vice President, Program

Courtney Guenard

Senior Managing Director, Leadership Development

Jessica Stanley

Managing Director, Alumni Impact

Doris Guvar

Senior Managing Director, External Affairs

Yuritzi Acosta

Senior Managing Director, Chief Innovation Officer

Jeanine Collins

Manager, Youth Innovation

Andy Lott

Associate, Operations

Camille Wesson

Managing Director, Chief Innovation Officer

Mike Lang

Director, Development

Joseph Kennedy

Director, Public Affairs

Rudy Zamora

Managing Director, Leadership Development

Ciara Owens

Director, Executive Strategy

Kathryn Lewis

Manager, Critically Conscious Educators

Ashley Diggins

Critically Conscious Educators

Elysa Arroyo

Manager, Critically Conscious Educators

Jas Toon

Director, Critically Conscious Educators

Joseph Castellanos

Director, Critically Conscious Educators

Tracey West

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