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When Teach For America opened in Kansas City in 2008, the prevailing notion was that the problems in education were unsolvable. Many in the community lacked faith that substantive change was possible. Today, partially because of the efforts of Teach For America corps members and alumni, Kansas City has embraced the potential of reform. As we see classrooms and schools that are turning around, community and civic leaders feel a newfound sense of optimism about our collective power to overcome the challenges that have plagued our schools for decades.

We value our school partnerships and strive for a diverse mix of traditional public and charter schools, from early childhood through high school, across the Kansas City metro area. Our largest partner has consistently been the Kansas City Public School District. Since our founding in 2008, however, our placements in charter schools have increased year over year, in line with the growing charter school movement in the city.

We enter into a service-level agreement with each school partner before placing corps members at schools. Teach For America Kansas City facilitates the hiring process  and works with the corps members and schools to ensure the placement is a good fit. However, hiring decisions rest with the schools, which evaluate Teach For America candidates on the same basis as any other applicant.

Prior to and during the academic years, Teach For America Kansas City agrees to provide a variety of professional development services to the teachers placed in each partner school. The schools agree to provide certain education records to enable Teach For America Kansas City to best provide these services to our teachers.

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“I know people who work in almost every school in Kansas City. I know the major organizations that are supporting education outside the walls of the school. Things like Shark Tank: Teacher Edition aren’t happening in big cities. Kansas City provides the perfect storm of really innovative things happening for education and ultimately our kids benefit hugely from the fact that our teachers are tapped into the community.”

Katy Kanyon

Kansas City Corps Member 2013

Chris Rosson

Executive Director

Teach For America Kansas City

"Kansas City has big city appeal with a small town feel. It is a city for dreamers, builders and innovators. It is a vibrant, creative community ideal for hustlers with a big heart. We don't just talk about changing the world; we do it. We imagine the future we want, and we collaborate to make it happen. We are a "one-degree-of-separation" city where leaders in all sectors are accessible and eager to lock arms and lead with locals and newcomers of all ages and backgrounds. You can taste our rich history in our sweet, smoky BBQ. You can hear our improvisational soul in our Jazz. You can see our beauty and complexity in our thriving arts scene. Kansas City is too much city for one state. There's no place like KC."

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