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Our Team

Meet the Teach For America Kansas City team.

Local Leadership

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Julie Gronquist-Blodgett

Executive Director, TFA Kansas City

Julie has been a member of the Teach for America Kansas City family since 2010 and is the region’s Executive Director. She attended Bemidji State University where she majored in Early Childhood Education and Political Science. Upon graduation she worked as an advocate for early childhood education and taught special education in the South Bronx. Following the completion of her Masters in Teaching from Pace University, Julie worked as a special education coordinator at Achievement First Bushwick Elementary, where she piloted a special education model that is widely used within the network today. In addition to her work at TFA, Julie is in her 10th year of service on the KIPP KC Board of directors, currently serving as Board President, and is a foster parent.

Meet Our Staff

Director, Operations

Jordan Jackson

Managing Director, Accelerate

Johanna Laxton

Managing Director, Network & Partnerships

Katie Bubalo

Senior Managing Director, Development

Meredith Mershon

Director, Accelerate

Brenna Jenisch

Manager, Accelerate

Ciera Kelly

Director, Early Childhood Education

Jessica Tolan

Manager, Accelerate

Joel Nkusi Rwabera

Manager, Accelerate

Tara Tamburello

Manager, Accelerate-Early Childhood Education

Olivia DeRusse

Manager, Accelerate

Victoria Ukaoma Rose

Managing Director, Leadership Development

Libby Potts

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