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Teach For America Greater Delta Mississippi Arkansas

The Greater Delta network is one of the most expansive in Teach For America. Take the next steps on your career path in a region with high hopes and deep roots.

The Greater Delta is a place that will steal your heart with its generous atmosphere, friendly faces, and unforgettable landscapes. The close bonds you will form with students and neighbors, fellow educators, and school leaders, as well as staff and alumni, provide a unique and supportive environment for you to empower and illuminate student brilliance.

Becoming a part of a vibrant and connected community is truly a distinctive feature of life in the Greater Delta. Any outing to the grocery store or weekday game will inevitably connect you with someone that you know. Any given Saturday may be spent with local enthusiasts of your favorite pastimes, whether that’s participating in a fun-run, enjoying barbecue or tamales, listening to homespun blues, or enjoying the outdoor attractions of the Mississippi River or numerous state parks.

Many of our corps members have always called the Greater Delta home. Others were attracted by the opportunity to serve in a place with such a rich history on the front lines of the fight for educational equity. While here, you’ll join the legacy of the Little Rock Nine, who focused the eyes of the nation on the South’s homegrown pioneers of educational equity, and the Freedom Schools in Mississippi, which mobilized over 1,000 volunteers to register black voters and teach in local communities. Regardless of where you are from, if you are looking to contribute to something much larger than yourself, the Greater Delta is the place for you.

Our partners frequently cite their appreciation for the energy and enthusiasm that Teach For America corps members bring to their communities. If you are passionate about leading an after-school program, coaching a sports team, or someday founding your own organization beyond the classroom, you will find the Greater Delta to be a fertile environment for your dreams to take root and grow. 

As a result of your two years being deeply involved, joining with local communities and coalitions, and pushing yourself to lead a rigorous and culturally responsive classroom, we can guarantee your heart will forever be tied to the students of the Greater Delta, and their limitless potential.


High school graduation rate in Arkansas; 88.4% high school graduation rate in Mississippi


Average composite ACT score for Arkansas 2019 graduates


Neighborhood Highlights

  • The King’s Daughters and Sons Circle Number Two

    The King’s Daughters and Sons Circle Number Two is the oldest organized charity in Greenville, Mississippi. For over 100 years, the organization has supported the diverse communities of the Mississippi Delta. This year, the organization, recognizing the impact of our work, is sponsoring three local teachers in Washington County.  

  • Entergy-Mississippi, Inc.

    An electric utility that serves 45 counties across the state, Entergy aims to improve the quality of life in its service region through strategic investments in education. Over two years, Entergy has provided $70,000 in support of our efforts to train our teachers in the most up-to-date techniques in literacy instruction—one of the most pressing issues in education in Mississippi—as well as to help us provide ongoing coaching to all of our in-region alumni teachers.