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One of our favorite things about Chicago, North Chicago, and Northwest Indiana is that there’s something for everyone here—from great food to sports to a world-class art and culture scene. Below are some other considerations to help you decide if Chicago, North Chicago and Northwest Indiana are a good fit for you.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to teach in Illinois or Indiana you must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher, pass all required IL/IN licensure exams, and meet the credit requirements for the specific licensure area you are assigned. Classes that count towards your licensure will be determined during your transcript review when you are accepted to the corps. We cannot guarantee what subjects you qualify for until that review is completed. We assign subjects based on three factors: eligibility criteria,  your preferences, and the need in our hiring landscape.

Due to the hiring restrictions of many of our partner schools, Teach For America may only admit candidates into the corps who are:

You are not eligible to apply if you are in the United States with:

  • A student visa
  • A work visa
  • A tourist visa
  • Refugee status but nothing indicating permanent resident status

If you are invited to a final interview, you must provide legal documentation that proves you are a citizen; national, lawful permanent resident of the United States; or DACA recipient. Visas cannot be accepted.

If you do not meet this requirement, you may be eligible to join one of our partner programs through Teach For All.

LGBTQ+ Legal Protections

Illinois offers extensive legal protections for LGBTQ+ educators and students, whereas Indiana offers more limited protections. For more information, please visit the Human Rights Campaign website, which has a map of state laws and policies. If being placed in Indiana is a concern because of your LGBTQ+ status, you will have the opportunity to discuss prioritizing your placement in Illinois with a regional staff member after you are assigned to our region.

Community Supports

Chicago-Northwest Indiana hosts both a Regional Collective for our alumni of color, and a Regional PRISM chapter for our corps members and alumni who identify as LGBTQ+. At Pre-Service and throughout your corps experience, we also host spaces for identity-based affinity groups, where you can connect with your fellow corps members and discuss how you would like to build community with one another throughout your corps experience.