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A Teach For America corps member working with a small group of young students.
A map of the United States with a dot over Chicago, IL.

Chicago-Northwest Indiana

In Chicago-Northwest Indiana, students are making record-breaking academic progress. Learn how Teach For America's 3,000-strong alumni and corps member community are helping them reach new heights.

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Teach For America is a network of leaders transforming the education landscape in Chicago and Northwest Indiana in order to ensure that one day all students have access to an excellent education. We recruit and develop promising young leaders to teach in low-income schools for at least two years, then support their impact throughout their career, both within and outside of the education system. By 2020, our network of teachers, school leaders, and advocates will impact one-third of the population of public schools in Chicago.

Eighteen percent of Chicago Public School students are on track to graduate from college, twice as many as a decade ago. That said, 76 percent of incoming freshmen aspire to earn a degree—a huge gap. The leadership talent provided by Teach For America has been core to these recent gains, and will be critical to ensuring that all students, regardless of their background, achieve their aspirations for college or career.

Our region’s 3,000 members work across sectors to improve student outcomes and drive systemic change. After their initial two-year teaching commitment, two-thirds stay in education, a community that makes up over 7 percent of Chicago’s teachers and over 20 percent of Chicago’s principals and assistant principals. Teachers in our network achieve an average 1.4 years of academic growth with their students, and our principals lead the highest-rated schools at nearly two times the rate of their peers. Our alumni are policymakers, and also lead the highest impact education organizations in Chicago, such as OneGoal, The Chicago Public Education Fund, and the Noble Network of Charter Schools.

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