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More than 1,400 Teach For America corps members and alumni live and work in Baltimore. They are impacting the education landscape from every vantage point in Baltimore and beyond.

Working on the Front Lines of Educational Inequity

Eighty-eight percent of our local alumni continue to impact education—as teachers, school leaders, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and more. We aim to leverage our base of leaders from every vantage point to contribute to more high-performing schools where students achieve at the highest levels, are affirmed in their potential, and advocate for a just future.

Fueling a Lifelong Commitment to Educational Equity

In our 30th year working in partnership with schools across Baltimore, we've evolved our strategy to focus on supporting, retaining, and connecting our entire network of nearly 1,400 alumni and corps members across our city. Our goal is to provide programming that sustains a lifelong career in fighting for educational equity.

With 80 percent of our alumni still working to impact education, our goal is to provide programming that sustains a lifelong career continuum, magnifying our impact.

Our Impact

Our corps members and alumni are creating opportunities for kids across the region. See how alumni are leading positive change for kids in Baltimore and learn about the opportunities you'll have to build on your leadership experience and deepen your impact beyond the corps.


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