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Mia Francis

Research drives our practice at Teach For America. Read on to learn about how we are using our research and insights to improve outcomes and opportunities for all children.  

At Teach For America, we operate with curiosity and embrace new ideas in order to learn and improve continuously. We work with corps members, alumni, and staff to gather data across all levels of our organization. We conduct internal research and evaluation with these data, as well as partner with highly regarded researchers to lead rigorous, high-quality research. Our research interests include our organization’s impact, innovation in the broader education field, and interventions that contribute to the pursuit of educational equity and antiracism. 

We take pride in being one of the most researched nonprofits in the country, and we continue to support independent research and reviews that help us gain a better understanding of our impact on students and strengthen our work and results. Learn more about Impact Research or learn more about our broader research and insights, including how we are turning insights into action.