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Recruitment Events

Music has the power to inspire, evoke powerful emotion, and heal our communities. In this event, we will explore the connection between music and health, explaining why music’s redemptive power may hold more potential than we realize. How does music speak to people in ways language cannot? Why is music education vitally important, especially to those who are most in need? Change starts small. It can begin with something as simple as a daily artistic practice, a creative habit. But over time, that small commitment to our creativity will blossom and ripple through our communities in a way that connects us to our greater humanity.

Equity Talks Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our nation has never existed without racism, marginalization, and oppression. What does a world without these harms look like and is it possible to create this world in our lifetimes? Join us as we imagine a future of equity, and discuss what it will take to get there, and how we all can move toward creating a world where all people can freely enjoy civil rights and humanity.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Equity Talks


Live Application Workshop

March 02, 2022

The final deadline to join the 2022 Teach For America corps is Friday, March 4th and we're here to support you. The initial Teach For America application includes two short answer questions, and your responses are a valuable opportunity to bring to life your accomplishments and desire for impact. Several alumni volunteers who successfully navigated the application process in the past have volunteered to facilitate small groups of 3-5 people who are interested in applying to TFA. You'll have the chance to opt into the group that feels like the best fit for you and, after an hour of collaboration time, you'll emerge with stronger short answer responses.

On-Demand - View anytime

On-Demand Application Workshop

The initial Teach For America application includes two short answer questions, and your responses are a valuable opportunity to bring to life your accomplishments and desire for impact. We've put together a quick, 15-minute On-Demand application workshop to support you in responding to these questions and submitting the strongest application possible ahead of our March 4th application deadline. You'll have the opportunity to explore related resources, view sample resumes, hear our alumni share why they chose to join TFA, and submit questions (which we will answer via email within 24-48 hours). Register now and revisit the content at any time!

As the heat of the planet rises, so too does the pressure on rising generations to find solutions to heal our environment. Such pressure gives rise to a new climate-induced crisis: our own mental health. How is climate change altering the way we relate to stress and trauma, our decisions about our future, and the increased disparities experienced by marginalized communities? Join us as we sit at the intersection of climate change, social justice, and mental health and discuss how we can all contribute to the harmony of our world and our own inner peace.

Equity Talks Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


TFA Logistics + Q&A

February 22, 2022

Get the inside scoop from a TFA recruiter and current corps member on salary & benefits, training & support, the certification process, and choosing your work location. The first 20 minutes will address the most common questions we receive:

1. What and where will I teach?
2. What will my salary and finances look like?
3. How does teacher certification work?
4. How will I be trained and supported?

We will end with 10 additional minutes of Q&A with a recruiter & current corps member, at which point you can get your specific questions answered. We will also be sending follow-up resources ahead of our March 4th application deadline (our final deadline this season). We hope to see you there!

Professional Development

The need for education equity spans across the globe and requires leadership across all communities to truly bring a quality education to all kids, regardless of where they live. Join leaders from Teach For All, Teach For Bangladesh, and Enseña por México as they discuss what it will take to move toward equity for all, and actions we can take to empower students and communities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Consumer culture is a culprit of inequities in our lives, and especially lives of marginalized communities. In this event, we'll examine the intersection of capitalism, race, and the fashion industry, how sustainability and consumerism try (but often fail) to coexist, and how we can examine and unlearn our consumer behavior to ensure we further equity and decrease our contributions to the environmental crisis.

Equity Talks Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Interested in an opportunity to put impact at the forefront of your work? Our Pathways to Social Impact info session is a one hour virtual event for equity-minded leaders looking for post-grad opportunities. This event will feature panelists from Teach For America, City Year, and Reading Partners, all organizations that provide their own pathway to making an impact on communities. Each program will share what makes them unique and provide concrete information on how to get involved. All programs have opportunities in various parts of the United States, too. We will end with 15 minutes of audience Q&A, during which time you can get specific questions answered. We hope to see you there!

Professional Development

Imagine the impact of a child having not just one but a series of strong teachers over the course of their K-12 education who are actively working to pursue equity and reimagine education. School leaders across the country are working to bring equity-minded teachers to the classroom and creating school environments that nourish and empower kids. Join us to hear from current school leaders and founders as they discuss their work on a local level to create an impactful educational experience for all students.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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