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TFA “Legislative Champions Week” Celebrates Policymakers Who Champion Educational Equity

By Sarah Holder

January 25, 2022

Teach For America North Carolina launched a celebration of its “Legislative Champions” between January 24th through 28th, as a special recognition of the lawmakers who are strong supporters of Teach For America and present unwavering dedication to North Carolina’s public education system. 

TFA North Carolina is grateful and eager to share our appreciation for these nine elected officials for their leadership and commitment to issues facing students, teachers, parents, and communities. We hope that our network will continue to follow along as we honor the following champions across our social media channels this week.

This year, TFA recognized Senator Deanna Ballard (R-Blowing Rock), Representative Robert Reives (D-Goldston), Senator Michael Lee (R-Wilmington), Senator Dan Blue (D-Raleigh), Representative Ashton Wheeler Clemmons (D-Greensboro), Representative Jon Hardister (R-Whitsett), Speaker Tim Moore (R-Kings Mountain), Senator Phil Berger (R-Eden), and Governor Roy Cooper (D-Raleigh) as their 2022 Legislative Champions.

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of TFA’s supporters and legislative champions, we do want to take this chance to provide special recognition to the leaders who stepped up throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to support students, teachers, parents, and the communities TFA serves. Teach For America is proud of their thirty-year history serving communities in North Carolina and they are grateful to the many lawmakers who are valuable partners in this pursuit.