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Teacher Spotlight: Amy Pinkus (Bay Area Corps ’17)

Meet Amy Pinkus, a Bay Area corps member teaching fourth grade at Mission Preparatory School in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

Female teacher with student

February 24, 2019

What inspired you to join the corps?

I was inspired to join the corps after spending 4 years as a tutor in West Philadelphia schools while in college. The experience opened my eyes to the inequity there that persisted. I believe that every student deserves the quality of a private school education, at zero cost. I wanted to be a part of making that concept a reality, which led me to Teach for America. I now teach 4th grade at Mission Preparatory School in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. I looped with my students – meaning that I taught the same group of students last year in 3rd grade. Looping has been amazing!

Describe your leadership style as a teacher.

I lean into my leadership as a teacher by trying to empower my students to become leaders in our classroom and beyond. I consider my day successful if a student has taught another student a tough problem,  expressed a curiosity in furthering their learning, or led a heated discussion about a current event. My leadership stems from wanting my students to be the masters of their own learning.

How do you lean into the TFA community for classroom support?

I have been so lucky to have made some amazing friends through Teach For America, and couldn’t have made it through my first year without them to collaborate with and vent to. My school is also made up of many TFA alums, and in them I have found invaluable mentors. 

How is your current role as a teacher inspiring you longterm?

My current role as a teacher has inspired in me a lifelong commitment to education. My students are truly remarkable and deserve to have any opportunity for which they aspire. To me, education is the end all be all, and I am devoted to that mentality long term.

Share about a time a student made you laugh.

My students ask me on a weekly basis when I’m getting married, and love to make predictions that always make me laugh!