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Marcus Howard Las Vegas 2013 Teach For America alum

From Helping Students to Healing Patients

TFA alum opens first radically inclusive pharmacy in St. Louis.

May 9, 2024

Everyone Deserves Quality Education and Quality Care

Marcus Howard (Las Vegas '13) was initially set on a path to medicine. After his first clinical internship, he discovered this was not the path for him. He joined Teach For America hoping to use his strengths in math and science to help students unlock their full potential. He credits his success as a middle school teacher to the power of relationship building, soon realizing that the same way he helped students thrive in school, he could also help the community thrive in their personal health. With that in mind, Marcus and his co-founders launched a groundbreaking pharmacy that redefines holistic and inclusive patient care.

The journey of Marcus Howard (Las Vegas ‘13) from a middle school teacher to healthcare innovator exemplifies the vast range of careers that can stem from teaching experience. Initially set on a medical career, Howard’s pivot to education through Teach For America marked the beginning of a personal and professional evolution.

“You can't really teach a student without building a relationship with them.”

Marcus Howard

GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness

Las Vegas Corps Member 2013

This philosophy guided him through his early teaching days in Las Vegas, where he not only taught math and science but also learned the importance of connection and trust. His approach led to academic achievements among his students, particularly a sixth grade class that showed the highest growth and best test scores compared to other sixth graders in the school by year-end.

Howard's success as a middle school teacher was not just a personal victory but a clear indication of his ability to inspire and lead. His commitment extended beyond the classroom; he was a coach, a mentor, and a participant in students’ family dinners, weaving his life into the community he served.

The transition from education to addressing broader social issues came naturally to Howard. The same barriers affecting educational outcomes—lack of resources, systemic racism, and social inequities—also plague health care. His focus shifted to health equity, a field where he could leverage his understanding of systemic challenges to make a broader impact.

“I'm really interested in finding solutions where I can see people's lives improve.”

Marcus Howard

GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness

Las Vegas Corps Member 2013

GreaterHealth & Wellness cofounding group

Back in his hometown of St. Louis, Howard observed alarming health disparities affecting communities of color. This observation spurred him to co-found Greater Health Pharmacy and Wellness, a radically inclusive pharmacy aimed at addressing health inequities head-on. The pharmacy integrates equity principles into every aspect of its operation, ensuring that all patients receive quality care regardless of their background.

As Howard continues to influence his community and beyond, his story serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to make a meaningful difference in the world. His life's work demonstrates that with passion, commitment, and a willingness to understand and tackle systemic issues, it is possible to effect real change and improve lives across multiple domains.

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