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Six-Word Stories from the TFA Network

Corps members and alumni powerfully summarize their life-changing classroom experiences.

By The TFA Editorial Team

October 3, 2018

It’s hard to condense two years of life-changing experiences into six words. But we asked corps members and alumni to share their six-word story about their Teach For America corps experience. We compiled some of the incredible responses we received into a short video. 

The stories have continued to come in, and our inspiration and awe has only continued to grow since creating the video. Read many more TFA six-word stories below.

Six-Word Stories

It’s hard to summarize the transformative corps experience in six words, but we asked alumni to share their stories—here are some of the incredible responses.

More Stories from the TFA Community

A teacher is always a learner! -Alekhya

Taught and was changed forever. -Andrea

Relationships are the foundation for results. -Anna Marie

We hiked Mount Nittany. Opportunities exist. - Brian

Culturally relevant teaching is the key. -Brittany

Currently a first year. Needed this. -Belgica

Iron sharpens iron every single day. -Cameron

Bama Corps. First Corps. Charter Corps. -Jah, #Alabama2010

Far from a two-year commitment. -Julia

Society’s greatest inequity begins in school. -Julie

Your life puts mine in perspective. -Kristen

Once a duck, always a duck. -Lane, #tfadfw

I am me because of you. -Leigh

One Day is my life’s passion! -Liza

It’s hard. That’s why it matters. -Miles

There’s no place like the Delta. -Molly

My passion because of my work. -Mr. Macav

Humbled. Awakened. Loved. Advocate. Joy. Perseverance. -Mrs. Hopps

Unforgettable workload, unforgettable experiences, unforgettable people. -Rob

Our daughter taught, we all learned. -Rochelle

Learning from my students every day. -Shannon

Duval till we die. Action Jacksonville. -Stephanie

Never underestimate the power of kids. -Theresa

Forever changed because of my kids. -Vinnie

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