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Our Greatest Hope For America

This Veteran's Day, let's be thankful and encourage continued service where our nation needs it most—in classrooms.

Chairs in a classroom

November 11, 2016

By Joe Jenkins (Dallas–Fort Worth '12)

Today, America seems increasingly divided along lines of race, gender, religion, and politics. We are faced with societal woes that challenge us as a nation. In these trying times ahead, our greatest hope sits in classrooms across America: our students. Now more than ever, we need veterans in there with them.

The young men and women who have made the safeguarding of our nation’s principles their own civic responsibility have set aside the few things that divide us for the countless things that unite us as Americans. Our veterans are not bruised and battered heroes to be thanked; rather, they are a wellspring of energy, momentum, and transformational change—a group that knows that their commitment to serving their communities and their country does not stop, even after taking off the uniform. As a Marine veteran and Teach for America alum, I have seen firsthand the impact that veterans can have on education. Across the country, veterans choose to continue their service by making a difference in the classroom.

This Veterans Day, let us not only pause to thank vets for their service. Let’s encourage them to continue that service where this nation needs it most: working directly with the young change agents in our schools. We can’t think of a better way to work toward a better tomorrow.