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"Kids First, Every Time"

A TFA alumna reflects on her time in the corps and her work today  


By The TFA Editorial Team

November 15, 2016

Allison Ohle (New York City, 1998) is one of the first alumni our corps members meet in San Diego -- and for good reason. She served TFA during its earliest years and has committed her life to the pursuit of educational equity inside and outside of the classroom.  

As the founding alumni council chair, she advised our teachers and leaders on their classroom, and on the job as Executive Director of KIPP Adelante, she's sharp, driven and always in it for kids.

Why did you join TFA?  

I wanted to change the world.  I wanted to be a part of a large group of like-minded people.  I sooooo believed in the mission.


How did TFA affect your life?  

My dearest friends and closest colleagues are TFA.  I am a more conscientious, anti-racist person because of my experiences, conversations and friends from TFA.  I can't watch a slideshow without crying.  I don't feel silly for being an idealist...I'm not the only one (sing it, John Lennon!)


Allison Ohle speaks to incoming corps members.

What is your favorite TFA memory?  

I don't know how to answer this.  It all blends together.  I was a PD in NYC in 2001 and I was doing a classroom observation on 9/11.  I decided to leave the school once I heard what happened and walked through my neighborhood to the TFA office, only wanting to be with my colleagues that afternoon.  We navigated the complicated tangle of confusion, strange patriotism, commitment to improving our country and discomfort with our foreign policies that played a part in what led to that horrific day.  Those women were/are my family.   


What is your advice to new corps members?  

It's not about you.  Take care of yourself, but remember: kids first, every time.


What’s your super power?  

I make babies.