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Teach For America San Antonio Changemakers

Teach for America is a community of change makers and coalition builders committed to solving educational inequity in San Antonio.

March 2, 2020

Episode 1

Abigail Garland

Abby Morton-Garland, KIPP University Prep (KIPP UPrep) Co-School Leader and TFA Alum, shares her story of bringing the International Baccalaureate (IB) program to her school.

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Episode 2

Lindsay Buzzelli

Lindsay Buzzelli, teacher at Brackenridge High School, shares her story of how she is working in collaboration with students to expand opportunities on her campus.

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Episode 3

Maria Rocha

Maria Rocha shares her journey as a DACA educator and why that matters for her kids.

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Episode 4

Torrance Abrams

Torrance Abrams shares why mentoring matters!

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Episode 5

Steve Lecholop

Steve Lecholop, San Antonio ISD School Board Member and Teach For America Alum shares his story.

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Episode 6

Gerald Boyd

Gerald Boyd, founding principal of IDEA Mays shares how the TFA network has helped shape his career and his intention to foster life-long learners in his staff and with his students.

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Episode 7

Gladys Hernandez

Gladys Hernandez, Executive Director of Leadership San Antonio ISD, shares how her Teach For America experience shaped her leadership.

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Episode 8

Cassandra Vara

Cassandra Vara, Senior Coordinator of Operations at the Young Women's Leadership Network, talks about her role and developing the young women leaders of tomorrow.

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Episode 9

Larrisa Wilkinson

Larrisa Wilkinson, Director of Professional Learning and Program Innovation at PreK 4 SA, talks about the goal of PreK 4 SA and how the program has influenced early childhood across the city.

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