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Insider Tips on Teach For America Interviews

We receive a lot of questions about what to expect during Teach For America’s interview day. Who better to tell you about what to expect than other applicants?

By The TFA Editorial Team

August 16, 2017

We’ve compiled thoughts and impressions of applicants from previous application deadlines. Read on to see what they thought of their interviews. 

“My interview experience far exceeded my expectations. Rather than being uncomfortable, it was much more enjoyable that I thought it would be. I especially liked hearing about the personal experiences of the two interviewers; it reaffirmed why I had chosen to apply for Teach For America.” 

“I thought the day was going to be extremely intimidating and uncomfortable. This was not the case. The interview day was the most enjoyable one I have ever participated in.” 

“I was a little nervous about how supportive the other interviewees would be, but everyone was very supportive for one another.” 

“Every activity was a lot of fun for me. I had been expecting a very competitive atmosphere (which isn't always a bad thing, but can sometimes take the focus off of the true goal), but instead I found everyone to be very supportive! It was an awesome experience.” 

“I was expecting a panel of intimidating judges with furrowed brows. Instead our two interviewers were welcoming and kind, and the whole experience was very comfortable. Because of this, I feel confident that I was able to make the best impression possible.” 

“I thought the lesson plans were actually fun, and I liked how all the interviewees helped each other.” 

“Of course what I imagined was worse than what actually happened. I appreciated the reminder from the interviewers that we were not competing against one another, that all applicants would be accepted to the corps as long as they met the criteria.” 

“I did not expect that it would be so enjoyable. I thought that the personal interview, for example, would have been more question-answer oriented, but my interview was more like a conversation with a like-minded friend.” 

“I was a little nervous about how supportive the other interviewees would be, but everyone was very supportive for one another.”

Applicant to Teach For America

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