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Learn how to improve your application to Teach For America

Prepare for each stage of the admissions process and present your best self on your corps member application.

Tips For Your Online Application

The online application is your first opportunity to tell us about your accomplishments, experiences, and interest in Teach For America. You will upload your resume and respond to a short-answer question. Read about ways to improve your online application.

“I was expecting a panel of intimidating judges with furrowed brows. Instead our two interviewers were welcoming and kind, and the whole experience was very comfortable. I feel confident that I was able to make the best impression possible.”

Recent Applicant to TFA

Your TFA Interview

Learn more about what it’s like to interview to be a Teach For America corps member.

Tips For Your Interview

The interview consists of three major components, all of which take place over one day. The components are: a five-minute sample teaching lesson, a group activity, and a one-on-one interview. Interviewing can be done in person at sites around the country or virtually, via Zoom, an online video conferencing service.

While we know a full-day interview could seem intense, those who have been through it also say they’re relieved by how encouraging everyone was at their interview and how they were set up for success throughout the day. In addition, you’re only actively interviewing for about 3 hours. As soon as your personal interview is complete, you’re done for the day.

Tip 1: Arrive Ready To Go

  • Make arrangements to arrive at your interview site on time or log into your virtual interview on time, so there’s no need to rush and your chances of arriving late are minimized.
  • Be sure to dress professionally.

Tip 2: Support Other Interview Attendees

  • To make the best of the long interview day, you’re encouraged to support your fellow interview attendees throughout the day.
  • By having a positive, calm attitude, listening carefully to others’ ideas and questions, and fully participating in others’ sample teaching demonstrations. Your support can go a long way.
  • Note: We admit every applicant who meets our bar for our admission, which means applicants are not in competition with each other for a limited number of spots.

Tip 3: Be Yourself

  • When you’re relaxed and prepared, you’re most likely to perform at your best.
  • You’re encouraged to share as much as about yourself and your experiences as possible during your one-on-one interview, so come in prepared to speak!

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