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Customized Coaching For Student Success: Get To Know Lexi Wung (Baltimore ’17) And Jasmine Curry (Baltimore ’10)

Lexi Wung and Jasmine Curry

By The TFA Editorial Team

October 27, 2017

How has the coaching experience impacted Lexi as a corps member?

Jasmine: With Lexi, I see significant growth with her mindset, and maintaining high expectations while also meeting children where they are. Every time I speak with Lexi, she is very receptive to feedback. She is always willing to try something that is going to make her classroom better.

How has the coaching experience impacted Lexi’s students?

Jasmine: I actually taught middle school English Language Arts, so I can provide strategies and content. One strategy that Lexi is now using is “close reading.” It has helped her students tremendously both academically and having the ability – regardless of reading level – to access the text. I continue to encourage Lexi and all of my corps members to use the strategies that I know are effective for students of all different levels.

How have you seen yourself grow?

Lexi: In this last month, I’ve grown mostly in the realization that everything is for my students. What I had done before then – like Institute and Hopkins – was to make me a better teacher. Now that I am here, everything is for them. I go home every day and I think about what can I change for tomorrow? What can I make better? What will ensure I meet their needs tomorrow? It took getting to know my students to truly invest in them and their success.

Lexie Wung and Jasmine Curry

What has been a pivotal moment in your relationship with each other?

Lexi: Earlier this school year, one of my students was a victim of gun violence. Upon hearing the news, I immediately went to the hospital to be there for my student and her family. I also thought about my other students and how I could best support them through this traumatic experience. I reached out to Jasmine who dropped everything to help me process and focus on what my students needed. She helped me create a restorative practice lesson. Not only did the lesson provide a safe space for my students to share and discuss, but it also allowed me to get to know my students on a much more personal level.

Jasmine: When Lexi shared with me that she went directly to visit her student in the hospital, I knew that her investment in students was beyond academics. That was a turning point for her as a teacher. As a coach, you’re not just coaching on instructional development. You have to coach on other aspects as well to ensure your teachers are the best for their kids.