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What’s Next After the Corps

New teachers share what they plan to do after serving in Teach For America, whether it's staying in the classroom or impacting students from other fields.  

By The TFA Editorial Team

November 26, 2019

Where Will Your Time In the Classroom Take You?

Some want to continue teaching. Some hope to pursue a Ph.D. or work in policy. Teach For America corps members share their diverse perspectives on what they seek to achieve after serving in the corps.

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“After the corps, I honestly plan on staying in the classroom for a couple of years. Eventually, long-term I do plan on getting a Ph.D. in education so I can continue research and advocacy on a greater scale”

Incoming Corps Member
Greater Philadelphia 2019


“I want to go to law school, especially because of social justice. If you know anything about me, you know I love social justice—whether it’s race, gender—women’s equity.”

Incoming Corps Member
Greater Philadelphia 2019


“I think being in a classroom will definitely give me better tools to just communicate more effectively to the public and to others.”

Incoming Corps Member
Greater Philadelphia 2019