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Kansas City

What we do isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes grit. We fight for every math problem solved, every diploma earned, and every opportunity created. It is hard. Frustrating. Demanding. But we’ve never stopped. We rally with our kids. We swing for our schools. We dig deep for our communities. We lock arms and we lead. Because we aren’t done until every single student has an equal chance at the life they want.
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Changemakers Come to Kansas City

Changemakers Come to Kansas City

In 2008, Teach For America came to Kansas City ready to tackle education inequity head-on. We were on a mission to build a diverse network of leaders who would fiercely champion, advocate, and teach our youth. Along the way, we were met with heart! And a whole lot of it.

We locked arms with Kansas City and rallied year after year. Thanks to our loyal community of partners, funders, and advocates, we're celebrating 14 years strong in Kansas City. 

Today, Teach For America Kansas City is investing deeply in the professionalization of teaching, addressing how to consistently infuse new talent into our region while also addressing long term retention. Next year, we expect to be actively supporting more than 250 educators, and that could include you!


A teacher sits across a table from students. The classroom wall is bright blue.
““The future of the Kansas City Public Schools is going to be the biggest story… The story of this year, next year, and long after is how strong our schools are, included in that are our charter school network, and making sure that Kansas Citians have true opportunities.”

Quinton Lucas

Mayor, Kansas City

Changemakers Wanted.

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Living in KC - The Best of the Midwest!

Living in KC - The Best of the Midwest!

There are over 240 neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of Kansas City. Every neighborhood has unique features that make it stand apart from others-- it’s up to you to find the one that’s right for you! Kansas City is a rapidly growing city. As such, there are  many different housing options, locations, and prices available. While apartment complexes are the easiest to search/tour/inquire about online there are also many rooms, duplexes, and single family homes for rent. Consider the type of area you’d like to live in, the commute you’re willing to make, and a price point that feels financially feasible for you.

A band plays overlooking the skyline of Kansas City.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Learning Always.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Learning Always.

We call ourselves the TFAKC Family because that's how we orient to support. The work is hard and it requires a strong ecosystem of support to persevere. As a member of the TFAKC Family we push each other, collaborate with one another, and celebrate together. Whether it's at a professional development, a TFAKC happy hour, or in our classrooms we always have each other’s backs.

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Your generosity helps create a future in which every single student in Kansas City has an equal chance at the life they want.