Is TFA for Me?

Who Teaches With Us?

As a corps member, you're not treated like a rookie employee. You're a full-time teacher with all the responsibility and opportunity to make an impact that brings real change. It's a job with immediate leadership opportunities on education's front line, where the stakes are high for kids who deserve all the opportunities that a great education offers.

By joining Teach For America, you join a powerful network of 53,000 leaders from all backgrounds and sectors whose ambition and passion match your own.

Characteristics of Effective TFA Teachers


Joining After College


Joining Teach For America right after college ensures you’ll make an impact from the start of your career. For at least two years in your classroom, you’ll get to:

  • Connect with students who will inspire you
  • Face challenges that will strengthen your character, perspective, and leadership
  • Learn from other teachers, school leaders, and our support teams
  • Partner with a community to expand educational opportunities for children

While some of you may work in your hometown, some of you will spend your two years making an impact in a place where you’ve never previously been. No matter where you go, you’ll have a new role that lets you affect others in a meaningful way. If you're like most of our alumni, your career will be catalyzed into one of profound impact.

Not yet eligible to apply to Teach For America? Learn about other opportunities to get involved with our mission now.

Join With Work Experience


The experience and skills you’ve gained in the workforce can be tremendous assets in the classroom.

More than 1,300 people joined us in 2016 from the professional world.

Once you’ve seen the impact you can make as a corps member, there’s a good chance you’ll want to do more—in front of the classroom, in school leadership, in educational policy, or in another sector that helps expand opportunities for America’s children.

A black and white head shot of a young man with short dark hair and a goatee, looking serious.
Ricardo Silva discusses why he became a teacher after his NFL career and being a role model.
Head shot of a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair, smiling in front of a black background.
Head shot of a young man with wild curly dark hair and a beard, smiling in a classroom, wearing a blue polo shirt.
A former marine and an engineer discuss how they found meaning in the classroom.

Commitment to Diversity