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Onboarding Onboarding

Teach For America corps members attending orientation sessions during their onboarding.

As a new corps member, you will go through onboarding over the course of several months as you prepare to transition into the corps. Some of your onboarding action items will be determined by your region (such as required exams, steps for your teaching certification, etc.) and others will be related to your Pre-Service training and your corps experience. Together, all of your onboarding items ensure that you're set up for success this summer and for your time in the classroom. Teach For America staff in your region will help guide you through the process. Learn what to expect during your onboarding.

  • 1. After You Join the Corps

    During this time, you will receive information from your placement region about required tests and other actions you’ll need to take to become qualified to teach. You’ll likely need to pass subject-area exams and submit paperwork in the weeks and months after joining the corps. You will also receive more information about Pre-Service and steps you’ll need to complete to prepare.

  • 2. Hiring

    Corps members are hired full-time employees of their school, district, or charter organization (not Teach For America). This means you’ll need to go through a hiring process in order to secure a teaching position. The timeline for when you’ll be hired varies widely from region to region. Some corps members are hired before Pre-Service training, others during and after. You may be required to attend orientation sessions at the school or district where you’ll be employed.

  • 3. Pre-Service

    Your Pre-Service training is designed to support you in becoming an aspiring anti-racist leader who will provide your students with a high-quality education and equip you to pursue a lifetime commitment to advancing educational equity and excellence. You can learn more about what to expect on our Corps Member Training page.

“Believe me when I say, these first few days are a foundational whirlwind. You’re going to meet so many people—lots of fast friends, as I call them—who will be partners in this work.”

Justin Pitts

Greater Chicago-Northwest Indiana Corps Member 2013