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A steady presence of Teach For America corps members and alumni are creating a strong pipeline of leaders who will bring lasting change for Baltimore's students.
Teaira Lewis in Baltimore.
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Baltimore draws much of its character and potential from the strength of its neighborhood communities, but great disparity exists from one neighborhood to the next. In Baltimore City, the neighborhood where a child is born too often dictates his or her academic destiny and access to life opportunities. Nearly four out of ten Baltimore City students will not graduate high school, and only eight percent graduate college in six years.

After 30 years of partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, Teach For America Baltimore now has nearly 1,400 corps members and alumni. We have created long-lasting relationships with educators, community organizations, and leaders. Students who had corps members teaching in their classrooms are becoming corps members themselves and year after year we recruit, train, and support an increasingly diverse corps that reflects the racial and economic backgrounds of our students. Alumni are investing in our state, teaching, leading schools, contributing to the growing EdTech industry, and running for office

We know this work can be replicated for more widespread and transformational change.  As our presence grows, so does our responsibility to engage even more deeply and collectively with families, educators, and partner organizations around our shared goals to ensure that all children have the opportunity of an excellent education and the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Step is Life

Geri "Coach G" McCarter is a TFA alum and founder of Coach G Academy, Baltimore's first and only citywide step team. Through coaching and mentorship, the program empowers youth to prosper academically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

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Our Community

Teach For America has been part of the Baltimore community, working with students, families, other educators, and community leaders, for 30 years.

Today corps members and alumni are teaching over a third of Baltimore’s students, like Berol Dewdney, who was named the 2022 Maryland Teacher of the Year. You will work with incredible students who we know are the next generation of Baltimore leaders. You’ll find a network of 42 alumni principals and assistant principals, like Najib Jammal, recognized for his leadership with a Heart of the School Award, and Dr. Taiisha Swinton Buck, named the Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals High School Principal of the Year in 2021 and highlighted on NBC with Al Roker.

You’ll be inspired by innovative alumni who have created organizations and startups that are making a real difference in the lives of students every day: Tyler Mains, a recent medical school graduate and founder of MERIT, is helping students prepare for medical careers so they can contribute to better healthcare in their own neighborhoods; and Jess Gartner was recognized on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for her work as CEO and founder of Allovue, helping education administrators connect spending to student outcomes.

Whether you choose to stay in the classroom, work towards school leadership, or impact educational equity from public office, nonprofit leadership, technology, or any other sector, we have marked our first quarter century in Baltimore by charting a bold path forward focused on making sure you have the resources and support you need to lead and be part of this collective work. And while there is still work to be done, we know that with your leadership, we can see real change happen in our city and realize a day when every student in Baltimore has access to a great education, through which the can achieve, are affirmed, and become advocates for a just future.

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