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You Are A Careerist

You thrive on facts and logic. As an analytical problem solver you’re all about using critical thinking to come up with innovative answers to complex problems. But that doesn’t mean you approach life with zeroes and ones. You care deeply about the growth and development of yourself and others – and use your innate curiosity and ambition to find ways to make our shared world a better place.

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Young professional

Key Strengths

Solving for X requires curiosity, determination, and innovative thinking. Good thing Careerists like you possess all these traits (and more) and know exactly how to use them to ideate solutions to our biggest social issues.

Career Suggestions

As a Careerist, you’ll find fulfillment on a career path that encourages you to ask, “Why not?” while fostering your ability to identify problems and possible solutions so that others around you can flourish and thrive. A career in education policy or administration, technology, engineering, medicine, or finance could be a great fit for you.

Take The Next Step

Want to use your analytical skills to improve education outcomes for students? Consider a career in the classroom and help find ways to solve for education inequity in schools.