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You are Janine Teagues.

You are a determined, optimistic, and charismatic leader. You may be known for your “glass half full” approach to life. You face problems head-on, with a good attitude and creative solutions.

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Janine Teagues

Janine's Key Strengths

The best part about Janine is her optimism. She seeks to find creative solutions to old problems, refusing to accept that the status quo can’t be changed. The people closest to her benefit from her tenacity and eagerness to make things better. Does that sound like you? Learn how to sell your strengths to an employer.

If You Were A Teacher...

If you were a teacher, not only would your students feel safe and cared for in your classroom, but you would forge relationships with your co-workers and build lasting friendships.

Whether you are Janine, Jacob, Gregory, Barbara, or Melissa, each character shares their passion and commitment to fuel the potential of their students. This quiz is more than just a way to see which character you are most like. It's a celebration of the incredible work our teachers do every day, even in the face of budget cuts and obstacles. It's a tribute to their unwavering dedication, their resilience, and their ability to always show up for their students.

Be Like Ms. Teagues. 

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