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You are Gregory Eddie.

You are a patient, creative, and dedicated leader. You may be known for being more reserved, but that doesn’t hold you back from continuously learning. Many of your professional goals are rooted in your desire to make an impact because working towards a purpose fuels your drive to succeed.

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Gregory Eddie

Gregory's Key Strengths

The best part about Gregory is his ability to remain calm and even-tempered in situations that often don’t warrant it. Do you have similar qualities? Learn how to sell your strengths to an employer.

If You Were A Teacher...

If you were a teacher, your students would look to you as a role model, trusting that you are committed to helping them grow and achieve their goals.

Whether you are Gregory, Jacob, Janine, Barbara, or Melissa, each character shares their passion and commitment to fuel the potential of their students. This quiz is more than just a way to see which character you are most like. It's a celebration of the incredible work our teachers do every day, even in the face of budget cuts and obstacles. It's a tribute to their unwavering dedication, their resilience, and their ability to always show up for their students.

Be Like Mr. Eddie. 

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