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By 2030, twice as many children in St. Louis will reach key educational milestones in 3rd grade reading and 8th grade math, indicating they are on a path to economic mobility and co-creating a future filled with possibility.  To confront the challenges in St. Louis education in service of our 2030 goal, Teach For America St. Louis serves as a strategic talent partner to local schools and educators across three main areas.

  • Talent Development

    We offer programs and fellowships for local educators to help schools develop and retain teachers and build a stronger principal pipeline. This is done through programs like the Aspiring School Leaders Fellowship and the Instructional Excellence Fellowship.

  • Talent Pipelines

    We help connect schools and education organizations to TFA talent and support the TFA network to find education and education-adjacent leadership opportunities. This is done through TFA’s Connect Recruitment Platform and the Ignite Tutoring Fellowship, a high-impact tutoring program based on research-based best practices that supports student learning and exposes future educators to teaching experience.

  • Talent Mobilization

    We convene and network with St. Louis' best educators and education advocates to impact education reform across all levels of the systems. This is done through our annual Lead in The Lou Education Summit and ongoing regional networking opportunities for local educators and schools.

100% of participants would recommend a TFA STL program to another educator.


Participants in our Programming


Districts and 34 Schools Represented


Students Served


of Participants Identify as Coming from an Underrepresented Community

“I find TFA's [program] to be highly effective. I learned so much in such a short time and wish our fellowship would have lasted longer. As an instructor who did not go to school for education, I tremendously benefited from the content taught and exemplified in this fellowship”

2022 Instructional Excellence Fellowship Participant

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“I’ve learned through engagement and visits that the goal for reforming education is not a one-stop shop, but an ongoing process. This program has fueled me with enough knowledge and connections - I am empowered to impact education as a leader.”

2022 Aspiring School Leaders Fellow

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