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Southwest Ohio is a burgeoning region with a little bit of something for everyone—from great food to professional sports to world-class art, museums, and a deep history. Below are some considerations to help you decide if the Southwest Ohio region is a good fit for you.

Eligibility Requirements

In Ohio, you must have a minimum of a cumulative 2.5 undergraduate GPA to receive your resident educator license to teach.

In Kentucky, you must have above a 2.8 cumulative undergraduate GPA to get your provisional certification.


Southwest Ohio is a DACA region and can and does place corps members with DACA status in our schools.  

LGBTQ+ Legal Protections

The state of Ohio only has legal protections against discrimination for public employees only, and only for sexual orientation.

However, Teach For America Southwest Ohio is home to the senior managing director of the LGBTQ+ Community Initiative. It's also home to one of 11 PRISM chapters—Teach For America's network for LGBTQ+ corps members and alumni—and offers multiple supports to our LGBTQ+ community.

ADA Accomodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act bans discrimination based on disability and requires employers, businesses, and state and local governments to take reasonable steps to accommodate people with disabilities, both in Ohio and in Kentucky.

Community Supports

Southwest Ohio is home to one of 11 national PRISM chapters, as well as multiple different affinity groups. Regional supports also exist to help corps members start any new affinity groups that they feel are necessary.