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Teach For America South Louisiana

The South Louisiana region is at turning point. Made up of an urban center and surrounding rural communities, leaders across our region are pioneering incredible change that will impact the future of our state.

Living in South Louisiana is an experience like no other. Whether it's our unique food, upbeat music, or the people that are the heart of our community, this culture is one you will find hard to forget. Like a pot of gumbo, we’re a little bit of everything thrown together to create something one of a kind and incredibly resilient.

Following the shooting of Alton Sterling and the floods of 2016, the racial and economic disparities across our region were more visible than ever before. At the same time, we witnessed an outpour of compassion as neighbors came together to support one another through the shared challenge. The discussions that surfaced over time made our collective progress an even higher priority.

While the State Department of Education works diligently to create progressive policies and structures to support public education, organizations like Urban Congress on African American Males and Dialogue on Race bring members of our community together to understand and solve some of our most complex issues.

We are indeed gaining momentum toward change, but it still requires a greater number of committed leaders to work alongside us. By joining the movement in South Louisiana, you have the chance to contribute to a number of efforts driving historic change in our region while being a part of growing community centered around our unique culture. From crawfish boils to festivals, brining your leadership to the South Louisiana region is an opportunity you will never forget.

Neighborhood Highlights

The South Louisiana region of Teach For America spans four Louisiana parishes, each of which offering a unique experience and an opportunity to truly become a part of the community.