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Learn more about average salaries, cost of living, and expenses in the South Louisiana region.


Salaries range from $36,000 to $44,500 for new teachers in South Louisiana. Corps members are independently hired by local schools or districts. Corps members are responsible for obtaining certification and employment and are not paid by Teach For America.


As employees of the individual schools and districts that partner with Teach For America, benefits vary based on employment. Upon being hired through the placement process, corps members should ensure that they receive and understand information on what benefits are provided through their employer.

Moving Costs

Incoming corps members will first come to South Louisiana for induction, a week-long experience in early June. During induction, housing and meals are provided to corps members. Limited storage space is also provided for the months of June and July to store belongings. From there, incoming corps members will travel to Delta State University in Mississippi to engage in institute, a six-week long learning experience. Housing and meals are also provided at Delta Institute. Upon your return to South Louisiana from institute in mid-July, you will be responsible for your living expenses. 

Here are some considerations for incoming corps members who are relocating to South Louisiana to think through: 

  • Bringing your car? If so, pack as much as you can to bring to storage and calculate the cost of fuel and a tune up to make it to induction safely. Once you know where you’ve been hired, you can begin to calculate the living expenses (rent, food, utilities, etc.) you’ll incur upon moving back in July.
  • Traveling by plane, train, or bus? Pack for the summer and consider whether you’re traveling into Baton Rouge (BTR) or New Orleans (MSY) and how you will travel to induction in Baton Rouge from there. Consider shipping your car or the cost to get it at a later date.

Rent & Utilities

The South Louisiana region spans five Louisiana parishes with varying costs of living. The salaries offered by our partner schools and districts are commensurate with the cost of living in that area. When choosing a home or apartment, consider the following:

  • If you choose to live alone, expect to pay between $1000-$1,200 for rent and utilities.
  • If you’re sharing expenses with other incoming corps members, expect to pay between $600-$900 for rent and utilities.

Living Expenses

Given the number of communities that comprise our region, living expenses will vary based on where incoming corps members seek residence. This will affect the cost of rent, groceries, commuting, etc. Learn more about how to calculate your cost of living expenses through this article.


Given the expanse of our region and quality of local infrastructure, reliable transportation is required in the South Louisiana region.