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It is an honor and privilege to live and teach within sovereign nations, where many of our corps members are guests. Communities are tight-knit and supportive, and opportunities for involvement with arts, culture, sports, and the outdoors abound.

Eligibility Requirements 

To be eligible to teach as a corps member in the state of South Dakota, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States, and complete all program requirements of Teach For America.

LGBTQ Legal Protections

The state of South Dakota has no legal protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Community Supports

Our region offers many identity-based affinity groups to support our corps members, as well as to help them process, grow, and make meaning of their experience. These include groups for corps members who are BIPOC, LGBTQ2IA, white, and from low-income backgrounds, as well as groups that honor the intersections of identities.

There are many churches in and around our placement communities. There are small Jewish and Muslim communities in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, located several hours from where corps members teach.