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Teach For America South Dakota works shoulder-to-shoulder with the communities we serve, striving toward self-determination and identity-rooted pride for all Native students living on reservations in South Dakota.

South Dakota corps members teach on the Rosebud, Pine Ridge, and Standing Rock Reservations, which are located across the south central, southwest, and far northern parts of the state, respectively. Most live in close proximity to the schools in which they teach, usually on the reservations themselves, and become active members of their communities.

Our region is one of striking physical beauty, yet it is steeped in a complex history that has shaped the lives of its native Lakota people, with whom we work in partnership. Todd and Oglala Lakota Counties are situated at the foot of the scenic Black Hills, or Paha Sapa, which hold tremendous spiritual significance for the Lakota people and are viewed as the heart and soul of their culture and history. Bordering our communities, the rugged beauty of the eroding formations of the Badlands hides fossils, deer, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep, black-footed ferrets, bison, and more.