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Learn more about Teach For America's work in the San Diego region.

Our Priorities

Teach for America works to enlist, develop, and mobilize as many as possible of our nation's most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence. Teach for America San Diego priorities are to:

Function as the primary source of leaders committed to improving education in San Diego.

We recruit, train, and support a diverse corps of educators to teach for a minimum of two years in local low-income schools.

Redefine the meaning of an excellent pre-K through 12 education.

We set clear expectations for all of our students and provide them with the knowledge and resources necessary to reach their full potential. Over three-quarters of our teachers work in hard-to-fill teaching roles like STEM subjects, Special Education and Early Childhood Education.

Integrate into collective efforts and encourage others to do the same.

No single organization or leader is able to address all of the physical and emotional needs that students require to success. Only through collaboration and partnership are we able to amplify impact and accomplish our shared missions.

What Is Teach For America San Diego?


Corps Members




School and System Leaders


Students Served Every Year

“San Diego is a city of complexity. Micro-communities dot the entire county. Whatever you’re passionate about, whatever your interests may be, wherever you’re from, San Diego has something for you.”

Faye Pacho

San Diego Corps Member 2014

Regional Staff & Board Leadership

Connect With Us

4305 University Avenue, Suite 525
San Diego, CA 92105

Phone: (619) 584-6746
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